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Consult bio:

I am a Clinical Social Worker in private practice who is passionate about creating community and providing support to other clinicians. I have experience working with clients across the lifespan from children and families to end of life care. My particular areas of specialty are around loss and grief, disordered eating, weight and body neutral bariatric evaluations, and the incorporation of spirituality into client centered treatment.



As a multi-state licensed Clinical Social Worker (NC, VA, WV, PA, MD, and DC) who has established a virtual, insurance based private practice I am well qualified to aid you in considering the clinical, business, and pragmatic aspects of exploring expanding your practice through pursuing licensure by endorsement in other states. While I am not a CPA or an Attorney (and therefore will not give accounting, tax, or legal advise) I am happy to assist you in considering the benefits and implications of multi-state practice and share the resources I have found as I have done this for myself.



I have a history directly working in the field of bariatrics, completing specialty assessments to determine psychological stability prior to surgery. I have also provided consultation to dozens of speciality behavioral health providers around various health interventions from a body and weight neutral perspective. Much of the medical and behavior change models related to health, body, and weight are entrenched in diet culture and seeped in restricting intake, making them unsustainable and carrying long term consequences including the development of disordered eating patterns. Whether you are a provider looking to expand into bariatric mental health, provide psychosocial pre-surgical evaluations, or better serve current therapy clients who are pre or post-operative, I can help you approach that from a balanced perspective that emphasizes client informed consent as well as their own self-determination.

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