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Similarly to the consultation group I facilitate, I host a monthly virtual collaboration meeting specifically for clinicians where we share about different resources we have found around a given topic and have the opportunity to learn from and with each other. We  generally meet the 2nd Friday of the month from 12pm-1pm EST.  


Resources selected could be (but are not limited to) a book, article, podcast, documentary, tv show, or training that we feel has enhanced our clinical understanding or has been helpful to share with clients. Each month will have a topic or theme to inform material selections and guide group discussion. There are no hard and fast rules around what you can bring so long as you can answer the three questions below about it. 

Prior to the group meeting, please ensure you have a working hyperlink to share with the group so others can access your resource themselves. All TTLAL members will have access to a google document where these links will be organized by monthly topic for easy reference. You are welcome to bring more then one and/or contribute to an existing list when you find a new relevant resource.

Once you join you will be added to the email list within a week and given the information needed to join our next gathering. I send out meeting reminders the week before we meet and add any new members to the email list at this time. If you are joining less then a week before our next meeting, have read the book of the month, and would like to ensure you are able to participate, please contact me directly.

Topic Learn-A-Long Questions


1. How did you see this resource connect to the theme/topic?

2. What were 2-3 of the key things you learned or related to?

3. How do you see yourself using this information in your practice?

Upcoming TTLAL Meetings

September 22nd- Identity (not 2nd Friday)
October 13th- Death and dying
November 10th- Family dynamics
December 8th- Finances
January 12th- Isolation
February 9th- Intimate relationships


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