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Boyfriends by Refrainbow

Boy meets boy . . . meets boy . . . meets boy!


Jock, Goth, Nerd, and Prep are all juniors in college. But studying is the last thing on their minds as they are mainly interested in getting a boyfriend. Or multiple boyfriends.


The first two to couple up are Goth (cool and sexy) and Nerd (bubbly and flirty). As their budding relationship deepens, they can’t deny their chemistry with Goth’s other friends, Jock (sweet and easygoing) and Prep (sensitive and anxious). Nerd suggests they try something totally brand new to all of them: a polyamorous relationship. Everyone’s game to try, because they all agree the only thing better than one cute boyfriend…is three cute boyfriends!


But the transition isn’t so smooth, as Jock and Prep have issues of their own to settle, and all four need to learn how to make their new polycule work. Through navigating the adventures of dating life, the boyfriends come to understand themselves and each other in new and profound ways.


Laugh-out-loud funny and always heartwarming, Boyfriends. is filled to the brim with moments of pride big and small.


Collects episodes 1–55 of the delightful WEBTOON comic Boyfriends.

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"Heartwarmingly Hopeful"

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