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It is in community and through connection that we often experience the deepest and most profound growth.



I currently facilitate a virtual peer consultation group for licensed mental health clinicians that meets on Tuesdays during the lunch hour. This is a space where we as providers can gather together to share support, insight, and resources as well as foster a community within our helping profession. The group is open to any currently licensed clinical providers in good standing with their Board(s). There is no cost to participate and the informal structure allows you to attend when you can, with no penalty for when you can't. 

Group consultation is scheduled for 30 minutes, once a week and is hosted through a HIPAA compliant web based platform. This is a change from our previous hour long monthly consultation groups, so please let me know in advance if you have a particular case you'd like us to be aware of to discuss or a question you'd like to pose so we can make the most of our time together. All cases are to be shared with non-identifying information to protect client PHI. Consultations aren't limited to case discussion and are also a space to explore aspects of speciality care, private practice challenges, and broader impacting social concerns on the mental health field. 


Once you complete your enrollment agreement you will be added to the email list within a week and given the information needed to join our next meeting. I send out regular meeting reminders and add any new enrollments to the email list at this time. If you are submitting your agreement less then a week before our next consultation and would like to ensure you are able to join, please contact me directly to inform me of your submission as the platform used often sends me delayed notifications.


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