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For many of us, the way we eat can be a reflection of how we are feeling internally, especially during times that we feel overwhelmed or disconnected. Many of our eating patterns are established in childhood, influenced by the world we grow up in, the people we see around us, the resources we have available, and the messages we receive about food and our bodies. All these factors shape our relationship with food and how we use it in our lives as well as our bodies and how we feel about them. 

  • Do you find yourself thinking more about the food spread out at a table at a social event than the people you came to connect with?

  • Do you have specific guidelines for what you can and can't eat, getting mad or upset at yourself when you "break a rule?" 

  • Do you feel the need to "punish" your body or "make up" for what you have eaten by exercising?

  • Do you try diets, medications, eating plans, or weight-loss tips repeatedly that end up with you feeling defeated, frustrated, and shamed?

  • Do you sometimes hide what you eat out of shame of guilt, getting rid of wrappers and eating at times others won't see you?

I can help you gain more acceptance and compassion in your relationship with food and your body, helping you identify the underlying emotional pain that has driven your eating patterns and find ways to heal from it. You can find more confidence and self-assurance as you continue to live in a world that inundates you with messages about food, bodies, beauty, weight, worth, and health, learning to critically assess the value and accuracy of what you hear and see.  

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