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The Clinicians in Community Discord Server is a space for therapists to connect with one another, build relationships, offer support, and hold space to prioritize ourselves as people who are more than just our profession. If you are new to discord, you may find this short 3 minute video orientation helpful.  


While the server is still a work in progress (as it is being organized with the feedback of users so it caters to our group's particular needs and desires) the intention is for it to function like a one-stop-shop for therapist focused support I provide.


It will house the zoom links for our bi-weekly group consultation group and monthly lunch and learn as well as have a variety of live meeting rooms for casual chit-chat, co-working/body doubling (including some recurring options), and quick brain picks (outside of regular consultation). There is a thread specific to the meeting rooms for people to share when they plan to be in the meeting rooms so others in the server can plan to join if they want to.


However, what I personally feel is going to set this server apart is the space it is going to provide therapists share and connect outside of their professional roles through the "Interests and Pursuits" channel. This is where we can talk about books we are enjoying, hobbies that bring us joy, experiences we are looking forward to, and share parts of ourselves that there isn't always ample space for in a lot of professional groups.

To ensure that everyone has a positive experience in the server, there are some rules and guidelines to keep in mind (these are in the welcome section of the server as well):


Membership: In order to join, you must be a fully independently licensed mental health professional (for ethical and liability reasons) and have your active license verified. While this is not primarily a space for consultation, this is to protect the integrity and well-being of all of us and ensure this server remains for providers only.


Respect and Kindness: Treat all members with respect, kindness, and empathy. We value diverse opinions and encourage open discussions, but we have a zero-tolerance policy for personal attacks or disrespectful behavior.


Participation: Active participation is encouraged, but never obligatory. Join the discussions, ask questions, or simply listen in. Every member’s contributions are appreciated.


Online Etiquette: Maintain a friendly and respectful online conduct. Use appropriate language and help us sustain a welcoming atmosphere.


Privacy: Safeguard your personal information. Avoid sharing sensitive data or contact details in public channels. This is NOT a HIPAA compliant platform so refrain from sharing any PHI or client identifying information.


Have Fun: Ultimately, our aim is to build community (if that wasn’t clear by our name). Our work can be isolating, heavy, and overwhelming at times and being able to lean on others, feel a sense of belonging and camaraderie, and be ourselves with others who understand goes a long way to enhancing our well-being and preventing burn-out.​


If you would like to join our Clinicians in Community group (gaining access to the discord server as well as our monthly lunch & learn and bi-weekly consultation group), please complete the Enrollment and Agreement Form HERE

Once your license is verified, you will receive an email with links for our zoom meetings as well as our discord server (though you always get to choose what aspects of the community you engage in and to what extent). 

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