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It is in community and through connection that we often experience the deepest and most profound growth.


Having connection and support is a vital aspect of maintaining our self-care as therapists. While this often means ensuring we are spending important time with people, places, and groups we love personally, it's also important to do so as professionals. With more of us working from home or in solo-private practice, ensuring that we have a community to lean on and invest into can help us provide the best care to our clients possible while also protecting us from burnout and compassion fatigue. Clinicians in Community a free offering for any fully licensed mental health professional who agrees to the expectations and community standards that protect it.

There are a number of ways to be involved in this community based on what kind of support you are looking for. Please ensure you read and understand the community guidelines and expectations for each connection point before joining our group as some are more secure than others. 



If you would like to join our Clinicians in Community group, please complete the Enrollment and Agreement Form HERE

Once your license is verified, you will receive an email with links for our zoom meetings, reading club on fable, and discord server (though you always get to choose what aspects of the community you engage in and to what extent). 

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