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Sometimes, the comfort and insights of a good book are exactly the balm we need when we feel anxious, overwhelmed, and weary. Stories have a way of connecting us to others either giving us distance from, validation around, or a new perspective of the difficulties of life.

Other times, a walk in the woods or listening to birds quieting singing can speak to some of our the deepest needs in ways few things can. Being reminded, in an experiential way, of our place in the natural world can leave us humble, awestruck, and deeply comforted.

Combine literature with nature together and you for many,

you find a strong recipe for restoration.

That's the goal of the Bloom in Books reading group- to offer an opportunity for us to engage with nature based literary work to support, enrich, and inspire our lives and the way we choose to live them. While we could certainly do this reading on our own, being able to engage with the selected books in the context of community can not only help us stay gently focused and motivated, it also provides us with a space where we can deepen our human relationships, not just our

other-than-human connections. 


We will be reading one book over a two month window of time and using a private book club group within the app to be able discuss our thoughts, favorite parts, and ask questions, all asynchronously. 

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Members are welcome to use audio, electronic, or hard copies of the book as part of the reading group and there is no expectation for books to be purchased through the fable app (though that does allow for a different type of interactive experience). At this time, the fable group will only be available to members of Clinicians in Community as a way to ensure its focus remains on helping professionals who want to add this to their self-care practice. The 2024 selections are between 200-300 pages in length to help make them feel more mentally accessible.


All the titles are available for purchase on and most are also on (for audio versions) where you can select your local independent bookstore as the recipient for the profit from your order. A number of them may also be available at your local library or through the libby app (electronic books and audio through your library).

             January & February                                                          March & April                                                                May & June                                

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                  July & August                                                         September & October                                         November & December

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If you would like to join our Clinicians in Community group (gaining access to bloom in books reading group run through fable as well as the discord server, our monthly lunch & learn and bi-weekly consultation group), please complete the Enrollment and Agreement Form HERE

Once your license is verified, you will receive an email with links for the fable group, our zoom meetings, and our discord server (though you always get to choose what aspects of the community you engage in and to what extent). 

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