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Summary from Good Reads:

"_________ ___________"

Self-Care Tags:

Why I love it: (2 sentence handsell)

How I see the book and/or the stories in it to support self care:

Special Considerations Before Reading:

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Where you can find it (besides your local independent bookstore)

Audiobook app that credits the local indie bookstore of your choice with purchases

Local library app that you can connect your card information to for audio and e-books (availability varieties based on branch and network)

Book Club app that lets you purchase e-books for interactive read-a-longs

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E-book download available through amazon

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Amazon subscription where select titles are available to borrow for free

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Audiobook app through Amazon

Archived Commentary for book available in Fable Book Club (see my chapter by chapter interactive engagement and do an asynchronous read-a-long)

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