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Supportive Apps

Below are a variety of mobile applications I endorse that are free or low cost and can be helpful to enhance self care, personal awareness, habit building, monitoring intake, creating safety, and facilitating mindfulness practices. 

Finch, your new self care best friend

Amaru, your virtual self care pet

Moody, mood tracker and journal

Daylio, self care bullet journal with goals, mood diary, and happiness tracker

Habit Tracker, help you build habits & reach goals.

Recovery Record, technology enabled tracking for disorder eating

Ate, food tracking made easy (logging with photos and nutrition intention set based on personally determined "paths")

Am I Hungry, mindful eating intuitive coach

Suicide Safety Plan, easy place to develop and access emergency resources

Calm Harm, help to manage and resist the urge to self harm

Happy Mind, mindfulness app

Insight Timer, mindfulness app

I am also including a few additional apps that can be helpful for accessing low or no cost reading material, building community and meeting new people, as well as enhancing connections to others and your hobbies.

Libby, access audio and e-books from your local library, digitally

Kindle, amazon platform for e-books

Webtoon, free webcomic community

Fable, virtual book club community

Bumble BFF, match with other locals looking to make new friends

Meetup, find local gatherings with people who share your interests

Discord, a virtual platform to connect with others

Please be aware that some of the features in these apps might be behind a secondary paywall, so be mindful about in-app purchases you may be offered. Significant benefit can be found from all of these resources without opting into ongoing, recurring fees.

If you have other favorite apps, I'd love to hear about them. Please feel free to share int he comment section below!

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